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Brad and I have traveled extensively in southern Oregon and northern California. Every time we find something new Brad will say, "I've seen it all," but he hasn't. We always find some new beauty to see, something new to do, and it goes on ... Desiring to share this wonder, we decided to combine different places and scenery into personalized trips and tours and share them with others. Give you the vacations of our dreams. :-) Our tastes are simple, just to get - a - way, just to be in nature, so if you desire something similar, we welcome you. Search these pages, find the beauty in Oregon and northern California. Photographs are inadequate, but they are the best we have and we've included many. Enjoy the photographs, experience the wonder vicariously then go out and find it for yourself. - gloria

The history of Oregon and northern California can be found in volcanoes, ancient and not: the Cascade Mountains, so familiar to us and so young, the Siskiyous, The Trinity Alps, the Klamath Mountains, the Marble Mountains, the Salmon Mountains - all based upon an ancient island arc hundreds of millions of years old, the Warner Mountains in Oregon and California, Steens Mountain, the Blue and Wallowa Mountains, like the Siskiyous and others, founded on another and different island arc, millions of years old, and still more. Stand among volcanoes, surrounded on every side by lava flows. Raft wild and scenic rivers in Oregon or simply step in tune with the river, hiking trails riverside. Travel scenic byways through mountains, on the Oregon coast, along rivers.

Experience the peace of walking in old growth forests, amongst trees born about the time Columbus discovered America. Breath the harmony of the high desert at nightfall; the percussion of waterfalls plunging steep defiles. Gasp at the glory of Crater Lake, no matter the weather, no matter the time. Watch the unique harmony of wings keeping time, at pelicans soaring over wildlife refuges and wetlands.

Pull off the road and stop the car to watch bald eagles and hawks: the beauty and wonder of their mating rituals. Or rather, watch nature's ultimate fishing experience, a bald eagle diving towards prey swimming in the wetland below.

Lose yourself in the peaceful slow of time a mountain wilderness gives, in the soft sigh of the Pacific Ocean at nightfall, as the sun painted sky settles into darkness all around you. Or gasp, as ocean waves crash into, washing over boulders as tall as a one-story house.

Settle into the lavender shades of twilight in the high desert, Steens Mountain looming majesty on one side, the Alvord desert on the other. Soak in hot springs on the banks of rivers, streams and lakes, or if you rather, under the star laden sky of the high desert settling into the coolness of night.

Stand on coastal headlands, tides pounding below, and listen to the thunder of sea lions at play and at rest on nearby rocky shoals in the Pacific Ocean. Follow the Salmon River into the Marble Mountains where daylight lasts but three hours during winter, hardy people were the Klamath Tribes who settled and lived peaceably with these mountains. Step into the past at Sawyer's Bar, the heart of gold mining country, where humankind sets clocks according to 19th century time, pooh poohing the wonders of the 21st century.

Step lightly on the densely laden floor of Redwood forest, your eyes ever gazing upward and upwards. Grasp the wonder of life standing on Misery Ridge atop Smith Rock, or the adventure rock climbing the steep inclines of Morning Glory Wall. See the wonder of Salmon and Steelhead jumping Deadline Falls on the Umpqua, making their way upriver to spawn.

Our tours offer this and more: hiking trails, wilderness areas, mountains, waterfalls, mountain biking and equestrian trails, wild and scenic rivers, hot springs, volcanoes, travels along scenic byways; the grandeur of Redwoods, but it doesn't stop there. The promise is ever unfolding, for this site will never be complete.

By way of an explanation, as an assistance when navigating this site, the links in the upper portion in a page pertain to travel directions and tours regardless of where you might stay. The links on the lower portion of the page are for advertisement purposes. Should you choose to stay at the advertised lodgings, check out those links to see how they might pertain if at all. :- ) - gloria

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This website is a photographic and descriptive gallery of scenery, hiking trails and other recreational opportunities. It is not a guide for any recreational opportunity you may choose to attempt based on the information given here. By using this site the viewer releases the creator from any and all liability. Hiking, mountain biking, simply stepping out into a wilderness area has the potential of danger, plan ahead, bring proper equipment, be prepared and aware at all times.