The Phantom Ship at Crater Lake

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The Phantom Ship can be viewed close at hand in one of the boat tours originating at Cleetwood Trail on the lake. Boat tours last 1 hour and 45 minutes. Those departing at 10:00 and 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM leave guests at Wizard Island, returning to pick them up at 4:00 PM after a day hiking and fishing. A friend, working as a park guide on the boat tours, said it was quite an experience being on the lake at the time of an avalanche on the inside of the caldera.

The sun sets at Crater Lake ...

The National Park Service, I presume, had arranged for control burns in the park, hence the smoky haze that has settled over the lake in the photograph below.

wizard island photographed from the rim drive at crater lake national park.

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