The Coastal Redwoods of California

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hiking trails in jedediah smith redwoods state park - simpson reed discovery trail.

A select list of hiking trails within Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Although Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park has more hiking trails, some of them on the beach as well as in the Redwoods, Jedediah Smith holds a special place in my heart. In part because I love the Smith River so, also because of the Stout Grove.

  • Walker Road off the Redwoods Highway, Hwy 199

    The idea here is to give you an idea of what is available. Although I've walked among the trees at Walker Road many times, I've never paid attention to the names of the trails. Walker Road itself is not paved. Indeed, it's not much more than a long and wide trail with smaller trails leading off. If you walked it in it's entirety the road would eventually come alongside the Smith River. Very good maps and other information can be obtained at the Visitors' Centers for the different parks.

    • Leiffer Loop forms a rough crescent that eventually comes out along Smith River. Before that time however, you'll come upon a trail off to the right that will connect with the trail near the beginning with but a short portion to be walked again. That's the loop.

    • Before you have the opportunity to turn back on the trail and make the loop, you will find a fork that turns off to the left. This is Ellsworth Loop Trail. It also forms a crescent, one that will connect with Leiffer Loop. At that point you could turn right on Leiffer Loop and make your way back to Walker Road.

    I hope this description is clear enough to help you see that there are many options for wonderful strolls within just this one small portion of the park.

  • Trailheads east of Walker Road on the Redwoods Highway, Hwy 199
    • Hatton Loop Trail on the south side of Hwy 199 loops around in an exaggerated teardrop with but a small portion of the trail winding back on itself.

    • Hatton Trail forms a spur off of Hatton Loop trail, heading east through the trees roughly parallel with Hwy 199. The trail will eventually return to Hwy 199 or continue on as the Hiouchi Trail, which runs alongside the middle fork of the Smith River, eventually coming out at the footbridge of the picnic area and campground of Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

      At this point you can continue south by southwest along the Mill Creek Trail. This is not a loop but does connect with Howland Hill Road, the narrow dirt road that leads to Stout Grove. You'll be west of Stout Grove when you come out though, and the road eventually becomes paved, finally coming out of the forest. Soon after it crosses Humboldt Road, and you know you've made your way back to civilization. From here you can find your way back to Hwy 101.

    • The trailhead for the Simpson Reed Trail is just across Hwy 199 from the Hatton Loop Trail. Simpson Reed Trail also loops back on itself, but also connects with another trail on the northern end, Peterson Memorial Trail. The above photograph was taken on the Simpson - Reed Discovery Trail.

    • Peterson Memorial Trail forms a loop off of Simpson Reed Trail, looping back to connect with Simpson Reed in the same place it began. Combining the two trails gives a more extensive sojourn in the forest, and one trail cannot be accessed without the other.

    As I said, this listing is only meant to give you an idea of what's available. If you want more information check with the visitor's centers in the parks.

    I've walked both Simpson Reed and Peterson Memorial Trail. Many of the giants photographed and displayed in this site, indeed the one on this page, were taken on either of these trails.

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