Lake Abert in Oregon's High Desert:

Lake Abert, an alkali lake, located on what may be the largest geologic fault in north america. Sight seeing in eastern oregon, the high desert in oregon's outback.

Sightseeing, birding, hiking in the high desert of eastern Oregon, the Outback: Lake Abert,
in the Warner Mountains area north of Lakeview, Oregon,

Birding: Lake Abert, north of Lakeview in eastern Oregon in the Pacific Flyway, boasts one of only a few
nesting sites for Snowy Plover in Oregon. During fall migrations the lake hosts thousands of Eared Grebes. Red-necked
Phalaropes, Wilson's Phalaropes and more than 1% of the Pacific Flyway's migrating Avocets. *.

Abert lake also hosts prehistoric Native American religious art dating as far back as
7999 BCE. Presently, the art: a ceremonial site; rock art, sculptures, carving is underwater.

  Lake Abert in the high desert of eastern oregon, the outback, on the pacific flyway, offers one of the few nesting sites of snowy plovers in oregon, grebes, phalaropes, avocets, ducks; gulls.

The harsh climate & geological terrain of Eastern Oregon & the high
desert abounds with beauty & wildlife. Hiking trails offer the unusual in geologic
formations in Gearhart Mountain Wilderness on Gearhart Mountain trail
#100 & Boulder Springs Trail #101. Both hiking trails offer easy
hikes with unanticipated beauty.

Forward ~ Mushroom Rocks, one of my favorites! In the
High Desert of Eastern Oregon.

Back ~ Antelope in Central Oregon around Summer Lake.

Brad and I are happy to offer the Central and Eastern Oregon - High Desert: Outback Travel Oregon Tour: Directions, Map and Scenery for your enjoyment.


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