Traveling the High Desert of Eastern Oregon:

  antelopes photographed in the high desert of central oregon.

Forward ~ Lake Abert and Abert Rim in
the Oregon Outback.

Back ~ Devil's Lake on the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway.

USFS: Deschutes Ochoco National Forest.

Brad & I are happy to present the Central Oregon and the Oregon Outback Tour: Directions, Map and Scenery for your enjoyment.


Although easily seen at Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, antelope may be encountered in other places. as well, in eastern
Oregon. These antelope were photographed in the vicinity of Silver Lake off Hwy 31. Hwy 31 originates south of LaPine, Oregon on Hwy
97 cutting a swathe through Klamath Marsh and then the Klamath Forest Wildlife Refuge, heading east towards Silver Lake. Continuing east
to Summer Lake, find hot springs and Big Horn Sheep on the ridge across from Summer Lake (not pictured), which is also not
far from where the antelope were photographed.

twilight in the high desert of eastern oregon.

Soft mauves cast in the day's lengthening shadows mutes the austerity of the
high desert in Central and Eastern Oregon.

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