The High Desert in Eastern Oregon:

  the warner mountains in the high desert of eastern oregon.

The Warner Mountains in Oregon pictured to the left.
The Warner Mountains, a spur of the Cascades, extend
into California. After our visit to Steens Mountain we're heading
through the Fandangto Pass in the Warners of
California to Surprise Valley.

Forward ~ Steens Mountain from the east -
stunning high desert in eastern Oregon.

Back ~ Traveling on the Road to Adel in the
Warner Mountains of Oregon.


USFS: Winema Fremont National Forest.

Want to Hike? Hiking Trails in the Warner Mountains
and Fremont National Forest.

Brad and I happily offer the Central and Eastern Oregon -
High Desert: Outback Tour: Travel Directions,
Map and Scenery for your enjoyment.

high desert escarpment in eastern oregon, the oregon outback.  

Travel Oregon and northern California while staying at Gathering Light ... a retreat
located in south central Oregon near Crater Lake in the Klamath Basin.

   the badlands on the flank of saddle mountain in southern oregon near crater lake national park and gathering light ... a retreat: cabins, treehouses in the forest on the river.

Links pertaining to the retreat only, open a new window.

Travel to Gathering Light ... a retreat on the West Cascades National Scenic Byway: Directions, Map and Scenery: hiking trails, waterfalls, wild and scenic rivers; volcanoes and more.

Directions to and Day Trips of around 100 miles from the retreat.

Little known Scenic Places: hiking, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, birding ... near the retreat and Crater Lake: Directions Map and Scenery.


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