Klamath Basin birding trails
Eagle Ridge Wetlands at Shoalwater Bay in Klamath Lake

travel oregon and experience birders' paradise: klamath basin birding trails in the pacific flyway of oregon, specifically eagle ridge klamath county park at shoalway bay where you can find bald eagles, pelicans, grebes, egrets and more, not far from crater lake national park too.

Eagle Ridge is located 17 miles from Klamath Falls on Hwy 140

Eagle Ridge is a Klamath County Park, one of the myriad birding trails near Klamath Falls, Oregon, located in Klamath Basin. It is found off of Oregon Hwy 140, part of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway of Oregon.

If you're heading east from Medford, Oregon on 140, don't take the turnoff (mile marker 43) to Crater Lake National Park - Rocky Point. Although Rocky Point does offer opportunities for birders: birding trails and canoeing on Klamath Lake. Instead, continue west. You'll drive past the southern end of Klamath Lake as the road curves round. Look for milepost marker 52. About a half a mile after, you'll see the sign for Eagle Ridge, turn left.

If you're heading west from Klamath Falls, Oregon, follow Oregon Hwy 140. It will climb to the summit of Doak Mountain and then descend again. At the 52 mile marker, know that the turnoff is at hand. At the same time, the land will begin to level out. Depending on how fast you're driving, you'll see the sign on the right for Eagle Ridge very soon. When you do, turn.

The road into Eagle Ridge Park is compact dirt. It passes through range land with turnoffs to different ranches. Follow the signs for Eagle Ridge. The way is clearly marked. You'll start seeing the wetlands before the actual park begins, but there are different turnoffs. There can also be cows, so keep a lookout, but the road is not such that one would be driving fast. :-) The photograph above was just before the road descends to the water's edge. As should be readily understood, Eagle Ridge offers more than birding. Indeed, many fishermen take advantage of the park. There's a boat ramp, picnic tables, vault toilets in one place along the lake. Wild roses bloom in abundance here. The road continues beyond the picnic/camping area. The further you go the worse it becomes. It's not a "bad" road. It's just narrow, dirt and in one place the side alongside the lake is much lower than the other side - it's been uplifted by tree roots. There are places alongside the lake to pullout, and you'll see old fire pits in more than one of them. At the very end of the road, you can also park. If you like, there's a trail. The trail is not well maintained, and if you're at Eagle Ridge at the right time, all the surrounding vegetation, and there is much, is covered with spider webs. However, at the end of the trail you can find a small hot spring. It's not very warm, but it's a nice location, there beside Klamath Lake.

eagle ridge at shoalwater bay in klamath lake, part of the system birding trails in the pacific flyway of klamath basin, oregon, on the western slopes of doak mountain in the cascade mountains offers bald eagles, egrets, pelicans, grebes, and more, and it's not far from crater lake national park either.

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stay in the cabins in the forest at Gathering Light retreat in southern oregon near crater lake national park; experience volcanoes, geology, hiking trails, birding trails, oregon geology, fremont winema national forest, national wildlife refuges and wetlands in klamath basin in the pacific flyway of oregon: eagle ridge birding trail, a klamath county park on shoalwater bay in klamath lake, nestled in the cascade mountains on the western slopes of doak mountain.

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