ol pa on the umpqua, a wild and scenic river in the oregon cascade mountains.

Day Trips of about 100 Miles from
Gathering Light ... a retreat.

Gathering Light ... Unique Getaways in forest
living. Cozy Cabins, Hideaways, TPs and RVs on a
mile of river frontage. Simple, rustic living in the
forest. Offering private relaxation, vacation
rentals and community living.

Travel the scenic wonder
that is Oregon and northern California
with the benefit of Day Trips designed specifically
for guests at Gathering Light ... a retreat.

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The photograph to the right is of Ol' Pa on the wild
and scenic North Umpqua River in the
Cascade Mountains of Oregon.

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Little Known Special Scenic Places near Crater Lake and the retreat in southern Oregon:
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Williamson River Gorge, the Badlands, Wood River Wetlands, Shoalwater Bay at Eagle Ridge ...

Contact Brad at Gathering Light ... a retreat.

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