sightseeing, taking photographs on the salmon river gorge in northern california. travel northern california and the beautiful marble and salmon mountains. raft the salmon river. hiking mountain trails in the russian wilderness area of the salmon mountains. camp in forest service campgrounds in the klamath national forest.

... the old west on Hwy 96 ...
The Hamburg Store & Hotel
Following the Klamath River Upstream ...

The Hamburg Store - Hotel was built by the postmaster Dan Caldwell in 1859. His sister-in-law, Sarah Totten of Shasta Indian descent operated it until she died and it closed in 1930. As can be seen from the photographs it still stands today. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many of the other structures, bearing such colorful names as Bucket of Blood Saloon, from the old west. Crumpled ruins and rock foundations are the only remnants. At one time, the old west establishments catered to fly fishermen and sportsmen,including Zane Grey.

The last time we went through Hamburg, California, the Hamburg Store was gone. It's not so surprising considering the state of disrepair. Still, I wished it to be there still.

Travel northern California. See the Marble Mountains, the Salmon Mountains, the beautiful Salmon River, the less remarkable, nevertheless possessing a charm all its own: the Scott River, Sawyers Bar, the best living mining town, the magnificent Salmon River Gorge. Raft the river, try your hand at mining and/or fishing. Hike the Russian Wilderness and/or the Marble Mountain wilderness in the beautiful Klamath National Forest. Or simply enjoy yourself sightseeing.

travel northern california and the beautiful marble and salmon mountains. raft the salmon river. hiking in the russian wilderness area. camp in the klamath national forest.

Forward ~ The beautiful Scott River in
northern California.

Back ~ ... and the river flows ...

USFS: Klamath National Forest.

The Klamath River: Rafting, Hiking, Canoeing, Camping, Sightseeing or otherwise enjoying the under appreciated beauty of the Klamath River. Include this route as tour on several different routes: The Salmon River and Gorge, the Trinity, a lovely path to the California Redwoods and the Coast, a visit to historic mining towns and more.