The California Coast:

the mouth of the klamath river on the california coast south of crescent city, the california redwoods state and national parks.

The Mouth of the Klamath River south of Crescent City, California.

The mouth of the Klamath River pictured here, is 20 miles south of Crescent City and 60 miles north of Eureka.
This spectacular vista is just part of the Redwoods panorama. That's only part of the story.

Driving to the Redwoods along the Klamath River can be an amazing experience, certainly it is in April when
the Redbuds along the banks are in full bloom, the creeks flowing into the Klamath are tumultuous, beautiful torrents,
especially Bluff Creek. The weather can be blustery, rainy, a day most people want to stay in doors,
but don't. If you get the chance, Don't.

The area abounds with history of Gold Mining and the rush to get it all, but it also has a more history more in tune
with nature, of those people, called the Karuks, living in these rugged mountains for time long beyond ours.

At Somes Bar travel around the store on the Ishi Pishi Road and view the Salmon River as she meets
the Klamath. The Marble Mountains in the area of the Salmon River, so rugged, they
allow for only 3 hours of sunlight in the winter.

Further west, when the river settles down some, don't be taken in. Instead, stop at the vista point, just west of the
new bridge, and stand on the old bridgehead of the bridge washed away in the floods of 1964.

And certainly, don't neglect the Redwoods. In this area: Jedediah Smith State Park with the Smith River, Stout
Grove, Walker Road and more,, Del Norte State Park on the coast and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park with the
Tall Trees, the Cal-Barrel Road, Newton P Drury parkway and more.. :-)

  sightseeing: winter's morning light on the northern oregon coast.

Forward ~ The California Coast south of Crescent, City.

Back ~ Walker Road at Jedediah Smith Redwoods Stte Park.

Scenery en route to and on the Oregon and California Coast. Directions when traveling south from Waldport on the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway and when traveling north.

USFS: Hiking in Six Rivers National Forest. National Parks Service: California Redwoods State and National Parks.


Travel Oregon and northern California while staying at Gathering Light ... a retreat
located in southern Oregon near Crater Lake National Park.

  Cabins on the river at gathering light ... a retreat located in southern oregon near crater lake national park: cabins, treehouses on the river in the forest.

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Travel to Gathering Light ... a retreat from Jedediah Smith Red-
woods State Park on the Oregon California border via Medford.
Oregon: Directions from Medford ; Directions from Jedediah Smith.

Directions to and and Day Trips of about 100 miles from the retreat.

Little known Scenic Places, opportunities to photograph
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