Groceries, Bakery, and Information
in Cedarville, California in Surprise Valley

barrel springs surprise valley back country byway in northeastern california and western nevada, shadowed by the glory of the south warners, mountains, and the south warner wilderness in the modoc national forest of california

Cedarville Grocery Store,
the old west survives in Surprise Valley California

One of the earlier buildings erected in the original Deep Creek settlement, today known as Cedarville, the grocery store was built in the same style as the Cressler Bonner Building that houses the bookstore today. They could be twins. Much of the store is still original. Surprisingly, the windows survived the last 100+ years. The hardwood floors survived, and the safe is original too.

As before, we went in, but this time it was different. A new gas station and convenience store had opened up on Hwy 299 on the edge of town, so the offerings in here were different. She had a soda fountain; that was new. I don't remember all the accoutrements of hostelry of which I am not knowledgeable, although I did recognize the Saddle Tack. She had soft drinks in a cooler. I bought the silver dollar pieces of jerky for our dogs. She had the typical offering in a tourist town, post cards. A beautiful scene captured my attention: Hard Rock Canyon, it said. We've never been there, so I asked where it was and marked that in my mind as a place to visit in another year. She was very knowledgeable about the area and, obviously loving her home, she spattered her descriptions of this and that with awesome over and over again, sharing her treasures with us. (If you notice, one of the signboards on the front of the store says "Information" :-).)

We didn't go into the restaurant, but others did. For a town the size of Cedarville it was pretty busy. All things being relative :-).

Perhaps we'll try it another day, for we'll be back again. Not this year, although we are going to hike along Cedar Creek on Cedar Pass and visit Moon Lake and Mill Falls on the west side of the Warners, south of Alturas, California, in a week. But Brad will not want to go back to Cedarville and Eagleville this summer. Too many other places to visit, to immerse oneself in - but we will be back. Oh yes!

Forward ~ The old Cressler and Bonner building, constructed in 1874 - burgeoning capitalism in the old west.

Back ~ The original church of Deer Creek Settlement,
as Cedarville was then called.

USFS: Modoc National Forest. Want to hike? South Warner Wilderness of the Warner Mountains.

Explore Surprise Valley and the Warner Mountains: Directions, Map & Scenery: Mountains, hot springs, wildlife viewing, south Warner Wilderness Area, hiking trails and more.

barrel springs surprise valley back country byway in northeastern california, shadowed by the glory of the south warners, mountains, and the south warner wilderness in the modoc national forest of california

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