Fandango Pass: the Applegate Trail
Gateway to Surprise Valley, California

the view over surprise valley from the fandango pass in the warner mountains of northeastern california.

The Fandango Pass is part of the Applegate Trail, a split off from the Oregon Trail formed when settlers hoped to find an easier, a safer route west than that along the Columbia River. The historical marker at the summit tells of the settlers, pulling their wagons with all their belongings up the steep slope of the eastern flank of the Warner Mountains. When they reached the summit they celebrated by dancing the Fandango, a dance popular at that time.

We drove this route the last time we went to Cedarville and Eagleville in Surprise Valley. Traveling west to east, the climb is fairly gradual, but the descent is a series of switchback curves carved in a fairly steep incline. It's easy to imagine the joy our forefathers felt at the successful completion of the climb.

Today the route is a well maintained gravel road connecting Hwy 395 with Fort Bidwell. If you look at a detailed map of California, you will see the pass just south of the Oregon - California border. If you just want to go with the flow, the road is marked from 395 also. Regardless, just look to the left as you travel south from Goose Lake; it's not hard to find the pass.

This photo was taken from a hiking trail we discovered at the historical marker. We didn't have time go far, but the trail did continue.

fandango pass in the warner mountains, part of the applegate trail, leads into or out of surprise valley in california.

Forward ~ Fort Bidwell in Surprise Valley,
whispering of where we've been.

Back ~ Steen Mountain National Cooperative Management Protection Area in the High Desert of Oregon

USFS: Modoc National Forest in California

Warner Mountains: South Warner Wilderness in northeastern California.

Points of Interest in the Fandango Pass Area.

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