The South Warners in California

california's surprise valley on the border of nevada, shadowed by the glory of the south warners, mountains, and the south warner wilderness in the modoc national forest of california

... it's here we see the mountain's crown ...

The area today known as Surprise Valley and the Modoc Plateau on the western side of the Warner Mountains was once an inland sea. I'm an amateur geologist and as appeared to me, the area we know as Surprise Valley was formed by the faulting of the earth's crust and the consequent upthrust of land - what today is the Warner Mountains and the escarpment on the eastern side of the valley. Surprise Valley is the land that dropped. I looked geology of Warner Mountains up online and found very sparse information indeed. However, I did find that in addition to this very clearly marked tectonic activity, the north and south ends of the valley are marked by faults as well. What is of interest to me in this discussion is the white stone pictured above. Is it limestone? I did read that the mountains are characterized by white ash. I suppose that would be a pyroclastic flow, very hot, and from that tuft, a rock, forms. Perhaps all that the white stone in this picture is tuft, not limestone, as it doesn't look sturdy as limestone. I think it an interesting question.

barrel springs surprise valley back country byway in northeastern california, shadowed by the glory of the south warners, mountains, and the south warner wilderness in the modoc national forest of california

Forward ~ Mountain Building Continues ... white
ash - rhyolite or limestone?

Back ~ Looking across Surprise Valley ... rather than up.

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