Paulina Creek Waterfall in
the Newberry National Volcanic Monument of Oregon

Paulina Creek Waterfalls at newberry national volcanic monument in oregon, under the auspices of the deschutes national forest of oregon, and it includes benham falls on the wild and scenic deschutes river, lava cast forest, lava river cave, lava lands, paulina and east lakes, paulina creek falls, paulina peak, campgrounds, hiking trails, hot springs and more.

Paulina Creek Waterfall under the auspices of the
Deschutes National Forest of Oregon

With so much to do at Newberry Volcanic National Monument: hiking trails, waterfalls, two beautiful lakes, great fishing and swimming, hot springs, Paulina Peak, obsidian flows, lava lands, and all the bounty of central Oregon nearby, who could imagine a nicer vacation?

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east lake at newberry national volcanic monument: big obsidian flow, lava cast forest, lava lands, lava river cave, benham falls on the deschutes river hiking trail, on the wild and scenic deschutes river, hiking trails, paulina and east lakes, little crater campground, paulina peak, paulina creek waterfall, campgrounds, resort, hot springs, fishing, boating, swimming.

Forward ~ Broken Top in the Cascade Mountains
of Oregon, as viewed from the Cascade Lakes
National Scenic Byway.

Back ~ Camping and other activities at East Lake within Newberry Caldera in Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Oregon.

USFS: The Deschutes National Forest in Oregon.

Explore Newberry National Volcanic Monument in central Oregon: Travel Directions, Map and Scenery.

Paulina Lake and mountains photographed while hiking the Interpretative Hiking Trail on the Big Obsidian Flow in Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Oregon (to the left).

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