Paulina Lake at Little Crater Campground
Paulina Peak at Newberry National Volcanic Monument

hiking and rock climbing at smith rock state park in the high desert of central oregon, north of bend.

Little Crater Campground under the auspices
of the Deschutes National Forest of Oregon

A 20 mile stretch on the Oregon Coast that included Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, I'm not sure what else, used to be called the 20 miracle miles. (In truth, every inch of the Oregon coast could be called "miracle miles".) It wouldn't be a stretch to call the area from Newberry National Volcanic Monument south of Bend, Oregon, to Smith Rock State Park, at Terrebonne, Oregon, north of Bend, the 75 Miracle Miles, for there is much that is wondrous to do and see in this small piece of central Oregon.

Like other mountain lakes in Oregon, Crater Lake, the alpine lakes of the mountain lake wilderness, Paulina Lake is located within a caldera. In this case, Paulina Lake, along with East Lake, is nestled in Newberry Crater. If you're swimming in Paulina Lake, you'll find warm spots. That's because the lake is fed by hot springs. When we camped at Crater Lake Campground, every summer for several summers, my mom loved to find the warm spots. :-) She talks about them to this day. Besides hot springs, Paulina Lake relies on rain and snowmelt for water, and in this it is also fed by East Lake, its twin. Paulina Lake is not a small lake by any means, covering an area of 1531 acres with an average depth 163', and the deepest water 250'.

According to the site of the Deschutes National Forest of Oregon, Little Crater Campground "is probably the nicest campground in the Deschutes National Forest in terms of views and setting. If you are visiting Oregon with the aim of getting the best camping experience this might be it. Offering campsites next to Paulina Lake, activities available at this site include hiking, bird watching, bicycling, sightseeing, access to Paulina Lakeshore Trail #3955, and Little Crater Trail #3953." A hot spring situated on the edge of Paulina Lake can be had a little distant from Little Crater Campground as well. It's suitable for 2 people, and offers much to delight, I must say.

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Forward ~ East Lake and campgrounds in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument of Oregon.

Back ~ Paulina Peak viewed hiking on the interpretative hiking trail on the Big Obsidian Flow in Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Oregon.

Explore Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Central Oregon: Travel Directions, Map and Scenery.

USFS: The Deschutes National Forest in Oregon.

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