Rainbow Storm Clouds at Smith Rock in Central Oregon

hiking and rock climbing at smith rock state park in the high desert of central oregon, north of bend.

Smith Rock in the Oregon High Desert at Terrebonne,
north of Bend in Central Oregon, just off Hwy 97

Explore Smith Rock at Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon

Brad and I decided to go back to Smith Rock State Park, hike Misery Ridge and take some more and hopefully, better photos of beautiful vacation and recreation scenery for our travel guides. We had great weather traveling east on the Santiam Pass in the Cascade Mountains, but it began changing around Sisters, and grew stormier as we continued to travel towards Bend and our destination, Smith Rock State Park. The rainbow in this photo was originally two; only one remained by the time we arrived at Smith Rock. Still, it was beautiful, as can be seen here. I'd never complain. We spoke to someone hiking on Smith Rock when the storm hit; he wasn't complaining either.

A day use permit is required and available at the self-use stand. An annual pass is also available.

Spring and Autumn are the most popular hiking and climbing seasons because of the extremes in temperature, 100 degree plus in the summer and a steady high of 32 degrees in the winter months.

Camping at Smith Rock

There are two campgrounds. The first is in Smith Rock State Park, off of NE Crooked River Drive. Directions: Turn on Smith Rock Way from Hwy 97. Turn left onto 1st Street. 1st will turn into Wilcox Street. Turn left on Crooked River Drive and find the campground. The second is a Forest Service Campground: Skull Hollow Campground. Follow Smith Rock Way until it turns into Lone Pine Road. Follow Lone Pine Road. It crosses the Crooked River, keeps on going, and turns north, Continue on this route until you see the sign for the turnoff for Gray Butte Trailhead. Turn left and find the campground.

Forward ~ Sightseeing as the storm abates at Smith Rock.

Back ~ ... and the river flows on - the south Santiam River, the Over the River and through the Woods Scenic Byway.

Hiking and Rock Climbing Information for Smith Rock State Park.

Please, make every effort to leave the rock as you found it. :-) Rock Climbing Ethics from the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Oregon State Parks: Smith Rock in Central Oregon.

Explore Smith Rock in Central Oregon: Travel Directions, Map and Scenery for your enjoyment.

Vulture ridge at smith rock state park for hiking and rock climbing in central oregon.

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