travel scotts valley in northern caliornia along the gazelle mountain pass to callahan, one time mining town, picturesque etna to begin a beautiful journey along the north fork of the salmon river. Drive through the Salmon Mountains, see Sawyers Bar. Raft, fish, hike and sightsee.
The Step into Nowhere

The Salmon Mountains, Salmon River, the Past Revisited at Sawyers Bar and more in the state of Jef- ferson, northern California and southern Oregon.

Take Sawyers Bar Road out of Etna to access the north fork of the Salmon River and many of the sites that follow.

Brad and I stopped on this bridge not far out of Etna. We took some photographs, and hiked downstream for a short distance. I have photographs of that to share too. :-)

I looked on the map of California to try and find a name for this creek to share with you, but the only con- clusion I can draw is that it's a tributary to Etna Creek ... for what that's worth. :-)

Wildflowers Blooming Creekside ... making our way to Sawyers Bar,
an old mining town on the Salmon River in California

Forward ~ A brief meander creekside.

Back ~ A bit of mining history on the Scott River, Callahan, California.

USFS: Klamath National Forest.

Brad and I offer the Salmon River Travel Guide: A step back into history: Places to Visit, including a brief offering of hiking trails, mountain lakes, etc., in the Russian Wilderness, and Travel Directions.

Travel northern California. See the Marble Mountains, the Salmon Mountains, the beautiful Salmon River, Sawyer's Bar, the best living mining town, the magnificent Salmon River Gorge. Raft the river, try your hand at mining and/or fishing. Hike the Russian Wilderness in the Klamath National Forest. Or simply enjoy yourself sightseeing.

travel northern california and the beautiful marble and salmon mountains. raft the salmon river. hiking in the russian wilderness area. camp in the klamath national forest.