travel scotts valley in northern caliornia along the gazelle mountain pass to callahan, one time mining town, picturesque etna to begin a beautiful journey along the north fork of the salmon river. Drive through the Salmon Mountains, see Sawyers Bar. Raft, fish, hike and sightsee.

A Peaceful Drive
Road 26 in the Gazelle Mountain Pass

On our way to the edge of nowhere, as the Etna Enthusiasts like to say. But wait a minute. Does that say now here or no where? For that's the way it seems, traveling in the Salmon Mountains, in dense forests, amongst steeply carved mountains, along the beautiful green waters of these valleys. Now we're here!

Travel northern California. See the Marble Mountains, the Salmon Mountains, the beautiful Salmon River, Sawyers Bar, the best living mining town, the magnificent Salmon River Gorge. Raft the river, try your hand at mining and/or fishing. Hike the Russian Wilderness and/or the Marble Mountain wilderness in the beautiful Klamath National Forest. Or simply enjoy yourself sightseeing.

travel to etna california and the beautiful marble and salmon mountains. raft the salmon river. hiking in the russian wilderness area. camp in the klamath national forest.

Leafy Green on the Salmon River Gorge
in northern California

Traveling Road 26 on the Gazelle Mountain Pass, elevation 4,921 feet towards Etna, California. The road is little traveled. Offering scenery peppered with interesting rock formations, cattle ranches and for a time, stunning Mt Shasta viewed to the east behind you.

Forward ~ A bit of history, mining on the Scott
River, Callahan, California.

Back ~ Mt Shasta from Aden Pass on the California Outback Tour.

USFS: Klamath National Forest.

Brad and I offer the Salmon River Travel Guide: A step back into history: Places to Visit, including a brief offering of hiking trails, mountain lakes, etc., in the Russian Wilderness, and Travel Directions.