travel northern california and the beautiful marble and salmon mountains. raft the salmon river. hiking mountain trails in the russian wilderness area of the salmon mountains. hike to taylor lake, hogan lake, meet the pacific crest trail, camp and fish in the russian wilderness of the klamath national forest. dispersed campgrounds available.

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Destination: Taylor Lake in the Russian Wilderness of the Klamath National Forest.

The hike to Taylor Lake is an easy walk. If we had to guess-timate we'd say it was about .75 mile to the lake. I checked the website for the Klamath National Forest. The information given is very sparse. However, I will say this, the trail is a very easy hike. Great for families with small children, elderly or less mobile people, and those who are physically challenged. Wheelchairs are allowed in wilderness areas, and this trail is accessible. Because the trail is compact earth, a wheelchair with wide tires is recommended. It's possible to camp on the lake. If you like to fish, the fishing for eastern brook trout is great early and late in the season.

As a precaution, there is no water at any of the trailheads in the Russian Wilderness. While the trail is very popular, parking is limited, so plan ahead.

As I mention in the Travel Directions, it's possible to continue on from Taylor Lake, hiking to Hogan Lake. If you're interested, I can give brief directions here. I haven't made this hike myself, and my source of information is the website for the Klamath National Forest. Follow the trail to the upper end of Taylor Lake up and over the ridge then down and across Hogan Creek. Follow the gaint trail up the drainage to the lake. The trail can be difficult to follow in the meadow areas. Hogan Lake offers fishing for Eastern Brook Trout as well as, Rainbow Trout

Another of the many vistas on the hiking trail to Taylor Lake

Travel northern California. See the Marble Mountains, the Salmon Mountains, the beautiful Salmon River, Sawyer's Bar, the best living mining town, the magnificent Salmon River Gorge. Raft the river, try your hand at mining and/or fishing. Hike the Russian Wilderness in the Klamath National Forest. Or simply enjoy yourself sightseeing.

hiking in the russian wilderness in the klamath national forest, in the salmon mountains of northern california on our way to sawyers bar and the salmon river gorge.

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USFS: Klamath National Forest.

Brad and I offer the Salmon River Travel Guide: A step back into history: Places to Visit, including a brief offering of hiking trails, mountain lakes, etc., in the Russian Wilderness, and Travel Directions.