Newberry Crater Volcanic National Monument:

The High Desert in central Oregon south of Bend.

An extinct volcano, Newberry caldera offers
many opportunities for unique sightseeing & photography:
Paulina Lake, Paulina waterfalls. spectacular lava flows, East
Lake, obsidian flows & hot springs. Be sure to drive to the top
of Newberry Peak, for the expansive view of both lakes
the obsidian and lava flows and more.

Forward ~ Paulina Falls.

Back ~ The Crooked River Gorge - the deepest river
gorge in Oregon.

USFS: Deschutes Ochoco National Forest.

paulina lake and east lake from paulina peak in the newberry volcanic national monument in the high desert of central oregon.

The summer before of my 11th year, my family spent the entire summer at Paulina Lake. My dad's first job as an
independent contractor was the plumbing facilities at the main campground at Paulina Lake. We stayed
in Little Crater Campground, a forest service facility, also on Paulina Lake.

It was a great summer, and we always went back. Like everything else, things were different when I was a child, the waterfall
was one stream. The Obsidian flow had a lot more obsidian, but of course, that was before Paulina Lake, as we always called
it, was designated a national monument. Anyone could cart away whatever they wanted.

The hiking trail around Paulina Lake seems to me to be deprecated somewhat by a landslide as seen from my
position in the hot springs one summer a couple of years ago. I could see that people did, indeed, walk over the landslide,
so perhaps the trail has now solidified from just that. Mom took my sisters and I and we hiked around the lake one day
while my dad was working. I don't believe my mom would have taken 3 girls, one of them 5, over that trail
the way it was when I saw it that day.

paulina lake and the obsidian flow photographed from paulina peak in newberry crater volcanic national monument.

So ... these are some of the opportunities available
for you at Newberry Volcanic National Monument:

Camping at both East Lake and Paulina Lakes, great
fishing, swimming, boating, rafting, hiking, grand adventures in
sightseeing, photography, as well as, all the scenic wonders
of the area. I list just a few of them here: Lava Lands:
Lava River Cave, Lava Cast Forest, the Cascade
Mountains all around you. Be sure to go to
the High Desert Museum.

Brad and I very happily offer the Central Oregon
and the Oregon Outback Tour,
Travel Directions, Map and Scenery.

Two easy hiking trails that are wheelchair accessible for much of their length: One begins at the Lava Cast Forest
Parking lot. It's a paved interpretive loop trail of 0.9 mile that helps you discover the strange world of tree molds formed by
molten lava 7,000 years ago. Some sections of the trail are too narrow or steep for wheelchairs. Elevation
at the lowest point: 5750' and 5850' a the highest point.

Trail of the Molten Lands: the trailhead is found at the parking lot of Lava Butte at the Lava Lands Visitors
Center. The trail of 0.75 mile loops out across the lava flow to its source at the base of Lava Butte. The trail is paved, but
some sections are too steep for wheelchairs. Elevation at the lowest point: 4500' and at the highest 4550'.

Both trails require a visitors permit: $5.00 per vehicle per day, or a $30.00 annual pass.

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