The Rogue River Escape at the Natural Bridge on the wild and scenic Rogue River

The Rogue River in high dudgeon

The Natural Bridge on the Rogue River is a geologic phenomenom, formed as part of the tectonic forces that gave form to the state of Oregon, beginning about 100 million years ago.

At the Natural Bridge, the Rogue river flows underground into a maze of lava tubes, with but a small portion of that escaping into a small pool just below the natural bridge. The rest of the flow surges back to the surface where it is visible from the viewpoint bridge. The largest returning underground flow escapes from under the east bank into the main channel, as depicted in the photos above and below, to the left, With these “escapes” the river returns again to full strength.

The upper Rogue wild and scenic River Hiking Trail
The upper Rogue wild and scenic River Hiking Trail follows the Upper Rogue River from Boundary Springs to Prospect, Oregon. It can be hiked in segments. If desired, one can hike upstream from the Natural Bridge along the Rogue, or hike downstream.

The segment of the trail beginning at the Natural Bridge is accessed 0.5 mile west of Highway 62, near the Natural Bridge Viewpoint bridge. The route winds along the bank over a rough tread of mossy lava rock which becomes very slippery in wet weather. Vegetation along the trail alternates between sheltering old-growth forest and brush, while the river’s character varies between rapids and pools of quiet water. The trail climbs high above the river where it bends sharply and rages through the narrow chute of a collapsed lava tube. This beautiful rapids is known as Knob Falls.

One encounters several old skid roads when nearing Woodruff Bridge, the end of this segment of the Rogue River National Hiking Trail. Picnic if you like at Woodruff Bridge, and a developed picnic area is available. This spot is also a favorite for fishing.

Be careful around the river. It can flow very fast and hard, and also, it can be quite cold. It’s best to be prepared.:-)

Poison Oak can be a problem at these elevations. Want to see a picture.

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a brief diversion off the crater lake hwy at prospect oregon: see
waterfalls, hiking trails, the avenue of giant boulders.

Forward ~ The upper Rogue wild and scenic river
flows peacefully in autumn downstream from
the gorge at Union Creek.

Back ~ … and ancient forces take over, the Rogue wild and scenic river at the natural bridge.

USFS: Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest in Oregon.

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