The Lower Gorge on the Williamson River

The Rugged Contrasts of the Lower Gorge of the Williamson River.

Although we tried to take their land, the natives look upon it as theirs. They certainly do look at home, standing on the
Williamson River bridge in Chiloquin on hot summer days, jumping into the water below. It’s a sight I always like. No matter
how long I’ve been gone, I come back and there they are. Dripping shorts, waiting for the next jump.

mountain promontories make the williamson river gorge in klamath basin of southern oregon near crater lake national park.
Forward ~ The peaceful meander of the lower
gorge of the Williamson River.

Back ~ The upper gorge on the Williamson River.

NPS: Crater Lake National Park and USFS: Winema National Forest.

Brad and I invite you to explore little known Scenic Places near Crater Lake: hiking with and without trails, wetlands, national wildlife refuges, mountains, wilderness areas, river gorges and more. Directions, Map and Scenery.

When hiking in nature untended, remember, Treat It with Respect!

Travel Oregon and northern California while staying at Gathering Light … a retreat
located in southern Oregon near Crater Lake National Park.

the sunset log cabin at gathering light … a retreat in southern oregon near crater lake national park.
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Travel to Gathering Light … a retreat on the Willamette Pass,
Directions, Map and scenery: Hiking trails, waterfalls, mountain
lakes, mountains, wilderness areas and more.

Directions to and Day Trips of about 100 miles from the retreat.

Little known Scenic Places to explore nature near Crater Lake and the retreat: Hiking with and without trails, wetlands, national wildlife refuges, river gorges, mountains, wilderness areas and more: Directions Map and Scenery.